One of the most exciting types of dental restorations are implants. When a tooth is congenitally missing or was extracted it can be replaced by an implant. Dental implants consist of three parts: 1) an implanted fixture (you can think of it as the replaced tooth's root), 2) an abutment that goes inside the implant (you can think of this as the inside of the replaced tooth), and 3) a cap or crown that is attached to the abutment and that is the visible, outside, portion of your tooth.

1. The first step for restoring a missing tooth with an implant is to place the "fixture" or root of the tooth. This is a titanium screw that is gently placed by a specialist.

2. A little cap called a cover screw is placed while the implant "integrates" with your bone and heals. During this phase of treatment a temporary tooth is constructed for you.

3. The next step is take impressions and create a "tooth" or abutment.

4. The last step is to make a cap or a crown for the abutment.