Other Procedures

Our office is Invisalign certified to provide you with “invisible braces”. The Invisalign technique is a new way to move teeth with only removable trays or “aligners.” A computer digitization of impressions is done to determine if you are a candidate. The process makes it easy to straighten teeth without bands, brackets, or wires. Call to today to schedule a consultation visit to see if you are a candidate. www.invisalign.com

Sleep apnea- Snoring Appliances
Our office offers our patients TAP 3 Therapy. Snoring can seriously affect quality of life-both for the person who snores and for their sleep mate. Snoring often leads to sleeping in separate bedrooms and can cause problems in relationships. The TAP 3 appliance can help prevent conditions that are linked to Sleep apnea: chronic Sleepiness, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, heartburn, morning headaches, and depression. Sleep studies are done first and a diagnosis is made. Impressions are taken and the appliance is worn at night. www.tapintosleep.com

Sedation Dentistry
Are you frightened of the dentist, the drill, needles, etc? We are now offering dentistry while you sleep. A board certified anesthesiologist, Dr Glenn Atlas, is now sedating patients while Dr. Small does the dentistry. If you are interested in this option please call and schedule a consultation visit. See Dr. Atlas's website www.glenatlasmd.com

Teeth in a day
Unfortunately some patients need to have many of their teeth removed due to decay, accidents, gum disease, and other reasons. In conjunction with a board certified periodontist it is possible to remove and replace a complete arch of teeth in 24 hours. This process involves the use of dental implants. Dr. Bruce Small has experience in replacing teeth in this manner for both upper or lower teeth.