About Us

Our practice has been in operation since 1973 when Dr. Bruce Small graduated from dental school and continues today with the addition of his daughter Dr. Kaitlin Small in 2001.

We are a family oriented restorative dental practice. That means we always strive not only to fix dental problems but also find the reason there is a problem, correct it, and then restore the patient to their ideal form and function. In many cases an improvement of the esthetics is also incorporated into the end result.

A combination of classic dental techniques as well as new state of the art methods are all considered prior to the patients and doctors arriving at a customized plan of treatment for each patient. Our goal is to restore your teeth and gums to optimal health, function, and esthetics, and to do it one time and one time only whenever possible.

Dr. Small Receives Albert L. Borish Award

"The Albert L. Borish Award is named for a blind AGD dentist whose name became synonomous with a passion for continuing education and the dental profession. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated innovation and leadership, dedication to the advancement of dentistry, and tenacity in pursuing idealistic goals and who have made positive changes for the benefit of the dental profession and the dental health of the public. The 2010 Albert L. Borish Award is presented to Bruce W. Small, DMD, MAGD."